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    July 24, 2011


    Tom Harper

    Publish it, if only because suppressing it will simply invoke the Streisand Effect (i.e. attempts to suppress it will just generate more interest in its contents). I guess I'm not sure what the negative consequences would be versus not. Is someone more likely to become like him/copy him because the manifesto is out there? I would say probably not. Reading it will not change peoples' nature. It might give them inspiration, but we have to safeguard against this kind of monster whether we publish the manifesto or not; the threat is still out there.


    Publish it, so that the ideas it expresses will be debated. Opposition to multiculturalism is simply bigotry by another name, and it has widespread and passionate supporters in every conservative organization, because bigotry is basic to conservatism itself. The only reason this isn't generally known is that liberals abhor being contentious and they therefore prefer not to have to debate such matters; ergo, the opposition to publishing this mass-murderer's explanation of his action. Far better to publish it and to distribute any proceeds therefrom to the victims and to the causes that the mass-murderer is trying to defeat.


    The reason there should be a public debate about his work is that the vast public loathes what he did, and that therefore the revealing to the public of his conservative rationale for it will be the revealing to the public of the dangerousness of those conservative views.

    The only reason why conservatism is as popular as it is is that liberals are squeamish about discussing it in direct terms, like parents are squeamish about curse words in front of children. This reluctance by liberals is essential to the growth of conservatism, and it should end.


    its not clear he wanted to get caught. in fact his manifesto uses the word martyrdom frequently, implying that he was ready to die and planned as such. after the attacks he expressed surprise that police hadnt apprehended him sooner than the 60-90 minutes he had, and i think by then he felt like he had completed his mission, and so didnt put up resistence to the police. if he had had shorter time to kill, then i think he would have put up resistence to police, hence the wearing of body armour etc.. and then he would probably have died.


    The biggest fear, of course, is that publishing will influence minds. Why not defuse that influence by inserting side-by-side commentary that shows why the arguments he makes in this manifesto are wrong?


    The book explains how Europeans are going to lose their continent and culture to Islam. It's not hate, it's fact.


    He has been successful in his plan from the start. He even admits that now he will use the system to finish his plan right down to how he is going to use his lawyer. He was correct in many of his plan and I do think he is intelligent but I do not agree with his use of violence. I must sadly admit I am looking forward to see if he gets to work the system and finish his plan. He has been right in how the media would handle him, right in how they would use his pictures, and right how millions have read his work now. The best way to stop his plan is to not allow public viewing of his trial. However that is a double edge sword by stepping on free speech. His marketing plan is working.

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