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    July 22, 2008


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    John H. Gohde

    I am new to social media. Your post contains some very practical advice.

    Blake Imeson

    Great post Hjörtur!

    I'd like to see a post with some examples of companies doing it right and ones completely screwing it up.

    Southwest airlines comes to mind for doing it right. (their blog) Comcast also seems to be on the ball with Twitter.

    Kevin J

    I am just getting into using these methods. i don't understand how to use them besides saying the usual boring stuff like Hi and I am going to the store type stuff.
    I don't know really how to get people to follow you or who your suppose to be following?
    Once you do have a following; are you suppose to communicate with them? If so; in what fashion?
    Many people only talk directly to the group that they want too and never speak directly to you.
    its starting to remind me of high school. If your not in the right group; you wont get noticed at all.
    I would love some real advice on how this is really suppose to work and how to use it to your best benefit.
    Thank you for post.

    Debra Dalgleish

    Great advice! And in item 1, I'd add -- Continue to listen, and listen more than you speak.

    Debra Dalgleish

    Great advice! And in item 1, I'd add -- Continue to listen, and listen more than you speak.

    Internet Marketing Joy

    I agree with you especially in creating real accounts not fake'z I believe that in any social media is very important.


    Social media and its role in brand management/reputation management is really starting to mature and take shape.

    you've made some excellent points - but my favorites are the last two - 'Building Too Late' and 'Not Investing - there are too many brands out there 'waiting to see how it turns out' and they are missing HUGE opportunities while others who are embracing social media are making HUGE strides in positive online brand awareness and sentiment.

    Excellent (and timely) post!

    Lee Graham

    Very good article! Especially for all of the newbies out there.


    Getting involved in social networking is a fantastic way for a company to reach more people. It allows the company to show a different side of their business. However, those who manage their social network must remember to stay professional and not get too relaxed because it might shed a negative light on their company.

    Nintendo wii

    Yes I am agree with you that social media will not give direct benefit but if we build huge network and status there then it will definitely help our business to get promotion. I like it and stumbling it here so that my stumbleupon group can share your post.

    Linda Margaret

    Thank you for the emphasis on investing. Listening and understanding the online market requires time and investment in order to be able to best respond to clients and consumers. Taking time to identify influencers and their concerns pays off but requires patience. Nice post!


    Social media are primarily Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.

    I you love to know more Social Media. You can visit here:

    Anthony McCune

    Here from Kilroy_60's Gonzo Social Media Carnival being hosted by danny brown social media pr.

    The advice you offer is top shelf.

    Much of it is common sense, of course, but all too often that's a factor that doesn't come into play with people.

    Hjortur Smarason

    Thanks for stopping by, Anthony. You're right, it's mostly common sense. But the thing about common sense is, that it ain't all that common :)

    Motorhomes for sale

    Very true. I think reputation management has become easier though, while reputation "manipulation" haw become a lot harder, if not impossible. Social media puts a new strain on companies. It's quality and sticking to promises that counts today.

    Jeff Paul Internet Millions

    Well i must say i agree with you especially in creating real accounts not fake'z I believe that in any social media is very important.

    christmas gifts

    I am newbie in this social media but it looks interesting.

    Volker from Germany

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