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    January 01, 2008



    Great Post, love the blog as well as the info on Saul Colt, great title there, I would have followed that too!

    I don't even fathom to guess the strategy behind Seth's action figure, other than.. it's being talked about!


    I think if Seth wants a doll modelled after him, so be it. To each his own. I mean why not? I know I'd be flattered.


    It's the people who might actually buy one who I feel sorry for.

    Great post. Great blog. It's now bookmarked. Thanks!


    Hjortur Smarason

    Thanks for the comments, Richard and Sue. I appreciate :)

    And Richard, it would be very interesting to see sales figures for that doll and reasons for buying it. I would guess most sales are fun gifts for marketing people and within marketing departments.



    Hi Hjörtur,

    You're probably right. If I was heavily into marketing I'd want one just for kicks and giggles.

    He definitely is creating a buzz with this doll of his though, which is brilliant!

    Thanks Hjörtur. 'Till the next time...


    Saul Colt

    Seth Godin is smart but the Saul guy is the real future of Marketing. If I know Saul, and I think I do, he wouldn't settle for an action figure based on his likeness...he would not stop until a full size plush figure was created that you could take to bed and snuggle with AND (or) bring in your car so you could drive in the carpool lane.

    That is the Saul I know....always looking out for the kids!

    yours truly,

    Saul`s Mom!

    Saul Colt

    Hi Everyone!

    I want to thank Hjörtur for mentioning me in this blog. It pretty cool if you ask me!

    I have to admit I love personal branding and think about it alot. I actually recommed everyone get a cool job title since it starts so many conversations at networking events.

    I have moved on from my job as Director of Fun and now with my new company I am the Head of Magic for

    If you are interested in what I am up to over there you can check out this link

    Thanks again



    Hey, a new great title! I like it :) Congrats, Saul!


    How interesting! I've never seen a marketing guru action figure..

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