Benefits of Starting A PPC Digital Marketing Campaign Sooner than Later

Digital marketing, regardless of how you break it down, requires some degree of planning, customer targeting efforts and marketing spends. Generic or organic searches are the gold standard, but no company ranks highly without hiring or developing a focused search engine optimization service, conducting keyword research and developing a content strategy.

All these efforts require your business to spend some of its marketing budget for SEO service or outsourcing the effort to SEO companies. However, savvy marketers understand that paid advertising campaigns can supplement generic search marketing efforts, and these PPC campaigns can often cost less than organic because they’re highly targeted, easy to analyze and modify and the fastest way to get a company’s name in front of customers who are ready to buy. The fact is that Google, the search marketing leader with its AdWords campaigns that dominate 65% of the market, reports a 17% increase in advertising revenue, which surpasses its forecasts by 3%.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns with Google, Bing and Yahoo

The pay-per-click model is easy for decision-makers to ignore because they’re often busy building their company brands, interacting on social media, refining mobile marketing campaigns, developing proprietary apps and investing heavily in onsite and offsite SEO. Paying for listings that organic searches provide seems counterintuitive, but consider how much spending it takes to optimize these “free” listings. You might feel mixed emotions about paying Google to deliver customers to your website, but you can feel guilty about this dirty little secret on the way to the bank. Paid advertising campaigns reach targeted customers more directly and offer busy marketing professionals the following promotional advantages:

• Faster wins than generic SEO efforts can deliver
• Ability to craft campaigns for special events, relevant world news and limited-time opportunities
• Targeting keywords that are difficult to rank for organically because of entrenched and respected competitors or incredibly aggressive efforts among a vast number of marketers
• Gaining powerful custom insights from Google Analytics and AdWords campaigns that you can use to optimize generic marketing
• Getting more attention for paid results displays because of Google’s recent decision to show its ads above and below its generic search engine results page or SERP returns to keyword queries

Social Media and Retargeting AdWords Campaigns

You can even craft social media campaigns, which are usually immune to direct sales efforts, with remarketing techniques that follow your informational visitors with direct ads that remind them that it’s time to buy.[1] Your social content can stay truly educational, entertaining and informative while leaving the dirty work that pays the bills to your AdWords campaign.


[1] Making PPC & Social Media Work Together Seamlessly